Switch Vision Lens Technology

Switch Vision launched the world’s first magnetic interchange lens system in the summer of 2009.  The launch collection was supported by a complete range of magnetic interchange lenses in polarized and non-polarized general purpose lenses, specialty lenses for popular sports and activities, sun readers and prescription suns.

“Although we knew that prescription suns would be an important part of the magnetic interchange lens system, we were surprised at how rapidly our Rx lens business has grown” said David Chute, Switch Vision President and CEO.

“We sold a record number of Switch Rx lenses in January.  Most of the Rx jobs consist of two or three Rx lenses” said Chute.  “This validates our belief that consumers will purchase multiple Rx lenses if they have an insanely fast and easy way to interchange their lenses.”

“We spoke to many accounts to understand how we can improve Switch Vision” said Chute.  “One message we heard loud and clear was the need to make the purchase of multiple Rx lenses more affordable, particularly in today’s economy.”

“We made four major changes to the Switch Vision Rx lens program to make it significantly more affordable” said Chute.  “Taken together, the pricing changes have made it much easier for a consumer to purchase 2 or 3 Rx lenses.”

“The most important improvement to our Switch Rx program was to introduce Switch Rx lens kits which consist of two Rx lenses, a Switch sunglass, a hard case and a microfiber pouch” Chute continued.

“The second change was to introduce a 40% discount off standard wholesale list prices for multiple pairs of Rx lenses.”

“The third change was to introduce lower-priced, mirror-free single vision and progressive RX lenses” continued Chute.  “This reduces the entry level retail price point by $100.”

“Finally, we lowered the prices on selected single vision RX lenses wherever possible”

Switch Vision increased the Switch Rx support team in order to improve customer service.  “We  added more Switch Rx specialists and a Switch Rx hot line (877 RX SWITCH) that rings through directly to the Switch Rx department” said Phyllis Santos, Switch Vision Rx department manager. “This allows us to provide lots of personal attention to every account” Santos continued.

Switch also redesigned the 2010 Rx price list to make it easier to use.  “We are trying to make it as easy as possible for our accounts to sell multiple Switch Rx lenses.  This includes simplifying every element of the program, including something as basic as a price list” said Chute.

When asked to comment on the reception to Switch, Chute noted “despite launching late in the 2009 sun season during the worst economy in 80 years, we are encouraged by the tremendous loyalty, support and success of our largest accounts, by the fantastic testimonials of users, and by the excitement in our sales team. We look forward to 2010.”

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About Switch Vision™

Switch Vision is a sports performance sunglass collection featuring the world’s first magnetic interchange lens system.  The collection was launched May 2009 and is being sold by over 500 Optical, Sport and Sun Specialty Retailers in the United States.  For more information on Switch Vision visit www.switchvision.com.