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This month, Switch Vision, performance eyewear with magnetic clip and interchangeable lenses received highly coveted mentions in two of the most influential outdoor and ski publications they could possibly imagine being in:

SKI MAGAZINE FALL ISSUE 2010 Stuff We Like Section

A very nice endorsement of Switch, with a photo of Stoke and the quote “Many have tired; most have failed to create a user friendly interchangeable sunglass lens for outdoor athletes.  Then came Switch Vision, Magnetized lenses snap easily – and snuggly – into the frame”

Great review!

BACKPACKER FALL/WINTER 2010 GEAR GUIDE Optics Section A hugely positive article describing Switch as “A smart improvement to complicated lens switching….our farsighted tester could glance down at his GPS while the rest of the lens provided regular sun protection for looking into the distance – an unheard of convenience he loved when navigating the canyons of Capitol Reef”

With winter coming, Switch is PERFECT for snow, skiing and winter weather.  The low light rose amber lens protects you from bright light reflecting off ice, water, and bright snow while enabling you to still see into the shadows.  The lenses are great for all the changing light conditions that occur on the ski slope.  When spring comes, the Switch owner can haul out the spring/summer lenses and have a whole new sunglass.

Switch Vision Can be found at over 1000 Eyecare Providers in the United States. Visit SwitchVision To find out more

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