You Too Can Have Super Powers!

Super Hi Vision

You’re throwing breakfast at the kids, packing lunches and running around like a chicken without a head. You’re so close to getting out the door when you notice there is no way your son can possibly see out of those glasses. Dirt and smudges are all over and you just noticed a new scratch right down the middle of one lens. Not good.

This is a pretty typical scene for parents of children with glasses. But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore because now you can have a super power!

Super HiVision EX3 is a lens treatment that offers the most scratch resistance available today. Many people don’t know that glass, the original spectacle lens material, is incredibly scratch resistant. Glass can be very heavy and today almost 99% of spectacle lenses are made from a variety of plastics which unfortunately scratch more easily. Combine that with kids being particularly rough glasses wearers and parents can get very frustrated.

Super HiVision EX3, developed by The Hoya Free Form CompanyTM, is more scratch resistant than glass – a definite super power for your kids’ lenses. EX3 has these additional super power properties:

  • Fingerprints! Grease! Dirt! – They can all be removed in just a few wipes reducing wear and tear on your lenses.
  • Durable Long-Lasting Treatment – Easy-to-clean properties remain intact even after long-term use and repeated wiping.
  • Sports and Hobbies – Protection during rough games or times of deep concentration.
  • Water Slides Right Off – The treatment properties of EX 3 shield lenses from rain, snow and water fountain mishaps.
  • Reduced Eyestrain – Less eye fatigue in artificial lighting and varied light conditions.

All of these benefits help provide maximum protection against daily wear and tear extending the life of your kids’ lenses and maximizing your lens investment. Ask your eye care professional about how you can get a super power with Super HiVision EX3 today.

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