Popular British brand Sunwise has unveiled its 2018 Eyewear Collection. This new golf range is set to match the expectations of high quality and affordable products and will stand up to the most extreme conditions.

Sunwise® Chromafusion® 2.0 range, Made in the UK, offers the latest in eyewear innovation and technology. This range is loved by golfers thanks to the stylish British designs, innovative light-reacting lenses and ability to wear in all light and weather conditions. With the added advanced water repellent and anti-fog technology, these sunglasses are the ultimate in sports performance eyewear. Hastings Midnight epitomises classic British design with a wraparound one-piece lens that seamlessly blends style and performance to create a model that offers a stylish look and a high tech piece of equipment.

The innovative Polafusion® range offers greater clarity and high color contrast for all your visual needs. Brand new for the 2018 golf collection Sunwise® is proud to introduce Polafusion® model Parade Black The new Parade Black model features a new Polafusion® GR2 lens that enhances image definition whilst on the fairway or green. Styled with a classic British frame, purpose built for universal use and comfort to aid performance.

Sunwise Interchangeable range has been expanded to meet higher demand from consumers. Sunwise® Interchangeable models feature vivid color contrasts, unique styles and well-priced. With the Kennington model receiving such a positive response, two new colors have been added. Kennington White and Grey come with all the benefits golfers have come to know and love from Sunwise Interchangeable sunglasses. Featuring 4 sets of lenses that can be easily changed on the go, these sunglasses appeal to consumers thanks to their practicality, lightweight frame, and stylish design. Ideal for a variety of sports and everyday wear.

To view the Sunwise® Golf collection https://shop.sunwise.co.uk/collections/golf