Artisan craftsmanship, renewable materials and rich design content all spell success for PaperStyle, the young, innovative eyewear brand established two years ago that is turning out small masterpieces. Entirely hand-made from an ancient yet fascinating ‘everyday’ material – paper is the number one ingredient. Each frame boasts its own individual personality, expressed through a blend of raw materials, artisan craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.

The PaperStyle project grew out of a lengthy journey of experimentation, research, prototypes and testing aimed at achieving the ideal eyeglass frame, made entirely of paper. Using a patented process, 15 to 18 sheets of premium paper are pressed, glued, vacuum-dried and milled with a special three-dimensional tool. The outcome is mind-blowing – a moldable, incredibly durable, compact, yet lightweight, product.

The brand ushered in 2016 by launching the Artist by PaperStyle initiative: “Paper glasses become art – art becomes paper frames. A collection forged in cooperation with European artists. The initial opus was designed by Truus Brands – a Dutch artist with a penchant for bold, brilliant colors – who created an extraordinary work of art, transformed by PaperStyle into real, wearable eyewear, in a limited edition of 500 one-of-a-kind pieces.

The year progresses, driven not by art alone! In anticipation of summer, the Sun collection with three styles that offer vintage flavor with a modern soul.

Auril 10 -2

Auril is generously sized with a wave-like front that embellishes the lens and adds one-of-a-kind styling.

Mei 11-2

Oversize and softened lines for Mei as well: the upper frame is decorated with a series of cutouts that lighten the structure for an eccentric but not exaggerated look.

A more teardrop shape for Mertz: chic and unique to just the right degree.

Merz 13-2

All the styles come in three different colors: Bronze, a warm tone and one of the most popular trends for spring-summer 2016, it catches the light and hints at luxury, but with restraint. A metallic effect also enhances Dark Blue, a deep azure that tends toward silver for a whimsical, lunar look. Oceans of yearning inspire the Sea print, where schools of tiny, stylized fish flit over a turquoise ground, in a true ode to summer — sun, shore, swooping into the waves! Inspired by the work of Truus Brands, this style is a must for the more adventurous… its unabashed colors and shapes narrate a story that begins in the Dolomite mountains and travels undersea to the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.