Not all of us can afford the time or $$$ to visit merry old England. Now you can take trip via the  LDNR sunwear collection. This fun sunglass collection is named after cities and areas in the UK. Put your shades on and start surfing!

Style Brompton ‘spreads over 3 districts in London. Traditionally “the artist quarter” as Charles Dickens wrote, “frequented by the votaries of the brush and chisel” is now a centre of history and monument in our city”’


Take a walk to Cadogan Square!  This ‘residential square in Knightsbridge, West London, that was named after Earl Cadogan. Whilst it is mainly a residential area some of the properties are used for diplomatic and educational purposes. The square is known for being one of the most expensive residential streets in the United Kingdom, with an average house price of around £7million’


Take a famous taxi (do they have uber?) to Old Compton. “Henry Compton granted 17th century refugees asylum on Old Compton back in time, and today this still stands as a symbol of tolerance, hope and equality”.


Portobello, the area, not the mushroom, it’s not that type of trip! This colorful style was ‘named after Puerto Bello in the Caribbean as a mark of colonial achievement, “Portobello” is today a bastion of independence, community and chic”


So many places too see, so many shades to wear!