It goes without saying that safety is indisputably our shooting glasses’ most critical role and the very reason we’re required to wear them on the sporting clays course. Smart shotgunners, of course, wear top-quality eye wear any time they’re at a gun club on while hunting. Protecting our eyesight is not negotiable, and we know that. Yet the eye glasses features that protect—and enhance—our vision are inactive and practically invisible to us, like airbags on a car, so we seldom give them much thought.

What we want our eye wear to do for us most is to help us see targets as well as we possibly can. We expect definition and contrast that make targets stand out against a broad range of backdrops and lighting conditions. We can’t hit what we can’t see, so making a thoughtful choice in shooting eye wear takes a little homework. Read the full story at Sporting Clays Magazine

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