A harmonious orchestra of technology and art, design and inspiration, Line Art. CHARMANT is a superior eyewear brand for devotees of beauty and excellence. Line Art eyeglasses are as elegant and individual as you would expect. A top-of-the-range brand following the highest standards in frame-making technology. Made from Excellence Titan, the frames are
extremely lightweight and versatile.

SONATA is the latest design line of the Line Art CHARMANT collection. Mirroring the classical grandeur of a musical sonata, our newest Line Art temple features two Excellence Titan strands that swell and descend—punctuated by tiny, geometric dots representing a glorious symphony of sound. SONATA has been made for design lovers as much as for admirers of highest quality. The eye-catching temple design of the SONATA eyewear collection consists of two harmoniously assembled arches – easy-flowing like a light-hearted song. Delicate, feminine and refined, the three-dimensional temple design gently embraces the wearer’s face.


XL2104 SONATA – This is a very new SONATA style which sits beautifully in the face with its modern soft-square front shape. The elegantly colored lines create fascinating and effective color nuances. The super-lightweight frame harmoniously plays with accents and contrasts. This style is available in brown, red, and white.

XL2105 SONATA – This model with its roundish titanium front is the elegant choice for a self-confident woman. The gracefully colored lines create fascinating and effective color nuances. It is lightweight and superbly designed featuring harmonious accents and contrasts. This style is
available in black, gold, and rose gold.

XL 2105

XL2106 SONATA – Elegant and exquisite, this new Nylor model features a detailed rounded shape. The colored lines create fine yet captivating color nuances, accents and contrasts, designed to produce perfect harmony. This eyewear frame comes in the colors brown, gold, and violet.


Via: www.charmant.com/us