What better gift for Mother’s Day than the gift of sight? ic! Berlin shares a few of their timeless styles as inspiration for gift ideas. You know what they say; roses are red, brunch is overdue, so help a mom see anew… with these six frames!


Bise: Popular with media & consumers alike, this two toned beauty hails from our Silk collection and comes in two other colorways to make mom feel subtly chic.

Mathilde G.

Mathilde G: Less is more with Mathilde G. A modest acetate front paired with our screwless hinge strips away all of the excess and focuses only on the necessary in the most elegant way.


Sibylle A: Our durable stainless steel is just what mom ordered. Trusted to withstand any prying little hands and late night bedtime stories.

Virgina P.

Virginia P: Mom can daydream about her wild and carefree days by incorporating a dash boho style into her wardrobe with these oversized sunnies.

Angelina T.

Angelina T: Because every mom just needs a little glam in her life.


CanCan: We believe that every mom CanCan do everyevery thingthing that she puts her mindmind to.

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