Kennedy in Silver with a Lava Lens

Since 1936 Aviator sunglasses have become mainstream and not just for pilots. Sama takes the Aviators sunglass and jettisons it to a new plane. You will find — Pattern, texture, size shape and color as well as new aerodymic shapes and featherweight titanium are all first class.

Sama Eyewear offers the butterfly, high bridge, geometric shapes, jewlery details, flat and 2 base lenses as well as laser pressed and textured temples. 24K precious metals as well as flash and metallic lenses  (all high grade UVA/UVB for highest level of protection) complete their flight pattern of Aviator frames.

No Hate in Gold Lagoon
No Bullying
Kennedy in Silver with a Lava Lens
Syd in Metallic Pink
Combustion 8
Combustion 7

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