A new Italian eyewear designer, Matteo Pontello with his brand Soya is wants to inspire it’s wearers to new directions. Even their logo is meant to be inspirational with a upward triangle. This is what they say:

The Soya logo is a word play: it means “So Yes”. “So Yes” is the vibe which is a reflection of the work of the creative team. Ahead of important decisions, listen to your intuition; this will guide you to the right journey. “So Yes” is the feeling you overcome when you are on the right track.  


The triangle centered between SO and YA symbolizes the connection that allows you to receive ideas and reflect it to the outside world. The pay off “vertical connection” represents creativity, beauty and intuition, key elements of Soya.’

The triangle is represented in the rivets on the front of the eyewear and the temples. The temples are also pointing to the ears, almost like saying ‘listen you might hear something good or inspirational.




Various shapes are juxtaposed into the eyewear, round, geometric, curves and squares, meaning you don’t have to fit into any box.