Walk around most any area where people congregate and you will see a good majority of everyone staring down to look at their smartphones. We look are looking at our phones on average 80 times a day. That’s about once every 12 minutes. One in ten of us checks our mobile phones every 4 minutes. That’s getting close to that old joke about how often men think about sex.

We are checking our mobile phones so often we put ourselves in danger by not paying attention to where we are driving, walking, riding, or running. When it comes to sports training, athletes are focused on a number of things that technology can help with, but like drivers, they often become distracted by the app and end up crashing.

Solos Smart Glasses are looking to change that by delivering a functional heads-up display that puts the important data that athletes want and need within their line of sight, without having to look at another device.

The Solos Smart Glasses come with the translucent screen that provides quick access to workout information by displaying exercise metrics onto a 4-millimeter section of the lens. The pupil display will give Solos users a host of data, including time, distance, pace, cadence, heart rate and more. And since the diminutive screen is suspended just outside the athlete’s sunglasses, they can glance at those metrics without ever taking their eyes off the road or trail.

The Solos smart glasses are also equipped with built-in speakers that enable audio prompts that offer the wearer turn-by-turn directions, updates on their progress toward user-defined goals, and the ability to listen to music. An embedded microphone can also be used with the Solos app to facilitate group chat too, while voice commands can be used to make phones calls, switch the metrics that are displayed, and interact with virtual assistants like Siri.

The Solos smart glasses have a battery life that lasts up to five hours. They retail for $499. Check out their website for more information.


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