The Study: Conducted with members of the National Ski Patrol. Defog It conducted a research study among attendees at the 2010 conference of members of the National Ski Patrol.

The Results: 81% have a fog problem, 75% call is a safety issue, 50% “just live with it.”

We asked professional skiers about the issue of fogged ski goggles on the slopes. The bottom line: fogging is a very real problem with no well-accepted solution.

Survey respondents said 81% of them often or sometimes had a fogged eyewear problem. 75% of the responding professionals agreed that fogged goggles are unsafe, not merely annoying. The bad news? 50% of them “just live with the problem.”

“The Defog It antifog research shows that ski professionals see fogged goggles as a safety issue, but they haven’t latched on to a solution for it,” says John Swett,

Director of Marketing for Nanofilm, maker of Clarity Defog It anti fog towelettes and liquid. He adds, “Although this research was done with a relatively small sample, it points out a problem that Clarity Defog It can solve.”

Respondents also rate Defog It’s performance. It works!

Survey respondents also provided feedback on the effectiveness of Defog It antifog towelettes:

 88% of respondents said Defog It antifog outperformed the product they were using now.

 65% rated the product’s performance as superior

 9 out of 10 would recommend Defog It antifog to a friend

Clarity DeFog can be found at Nanofilm