“Spectacularly unspectacular” is how some critics describe the look of Akris, the renowned Swiss fashion house dedicated to fashion-forward comfort and innovation. This aesthetic was on full display during the brand’s Paris Fashion Week F/W 2014 show on Sunday, March 2, in which Silhouette played a significant supporting role.

At the request of Akris’s Creative Director Albert Kriemler, the Austrian eyewear brand Silhouette – founded in 1964 – was privileged to adapt and customize spectacles in an aviator look from the current collection to complement the sleek glamour of the Akris collection. A total of 25 Silhouette styles – all featuring the eyewear brand’s signature clean lines and expressive, minimalist feel – appeared on the runway.

Albert Kriemler himself best describes the look of the eyewear:

“My fashion is about lightness, about naturalness that links body consciousness and effortless functionality. That is modern. We call it sleek glamour. The new Silhouette aviators are light, clean, effortless and sporty. For me, it is always the overall appearance and personality of a woman that merits attention. This Akris collection is something very special in that we are celebrating ten years at Paris Fashion Week.”

For Silhouette, too, this was a very special show, marking the 50th year since it was founded.

“Not only is 2014 an anniversary year for us, but it’s also a year in which, thanks to singular partnerships and creations, we can celebrate very special presentations – such as those at Fashion Week,” says Silhouette CEO Daniel Rogger.

Silhouette’s special edition Aviator Shapes as seen during the Akris show were crafted largely by hand in Linz, Austria.

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