Shwood Pinecone eyewear

I have to hand it to Shwood, every year they come up with a new eyewear material. The latest material is from the forest. You never would have guessed it sunwear made from moss and pine cones. Having seen both of these style up close, they are very cool. Called the Forest Collection, both materials are layered on a sheet and mixed with a resin and then made into sunglasses.

The pine cone sunglass really looks like a pine cone with light shadings and even the prickles are reflected in this look.




For those who prefer a rich mossy green, the Moss Sunglass is subtle, with a multitude of green striating through the frame. Under different lighting, they reflect various colors to make an interesting texture.



The shape is the popular Canby style. All sunglass lenses are Carl Zeiss Vision lenses with UV protection.

Via Shwood