Shamir Insight, Inc., based in San Diego, CA, specializes in the marketing and distribution of premium progressive lenses. In addition to their line of semi-finished designs Shamir’s progressive offering includes a line of Freeform® designs called Shamir Autograph II®.

Released in 2003, Shamir has seen an increase in their Freeform® product sales, which includes the Autograph II® line, due largely in part to the number of growing partner labs that provide the Freeform® product. With 21 partner labs currently selling Autograph II®, Shamir is excited to announce its newest Shamir Autograph II® partner lab – Harbor Optical of Traverse City, MI.

Founded in 1997, Harbor Optical has become the fastest growing optical laboratory in Michigan. This growth is a direct result of a company culture that fosters both the personal and professional growth of all the employees at Harbor Optical. Their dedicated team of professionals bring years of experience as an independent company devoted to serving the eye care professional.

Shamir’s Autograph II® line is digitally back-surfaced, allowing both the Rx and the design to be ground on the back-side of the lens; this technology enables each Shamir Autograph II® lens to be created at the highest level of optical accuracy (up to 1/100 diopters). With five different designs, each patient is ensured Autograph II® lenses personalized to their specific lifestyle needs, and by grinding the design on the back-surface, patients receive up to 20% wider fields of vision. Available with two groundbreaking technologies: As-Worn Technology™ and FreeFrame Technology™, Shamir Autograph II® is further fine-tuned for each patient by taking additional measurements and frame selection into account in thedesign. Vision has never been more customized as it is today with Shamir Autograph II®.

“Our Lab Launch team worked closely with Harbor Optical’s team to prepare for the Autograph II® launch by providing the educational background, support and collateral needed for a prosperous launch. Shamir and Harbor Optical have had a very successful relationship for over a decade, and with the release of Shamir Autograph II® it’s certain that Harbor Optical will experience continued growth and success,” said Lance Bergeron, VP of Sales.

Harbor Optical’s combination of state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated, loyal employees enable them to provide eye care professionals with a level of production quality and customer service that is hard to find. “Our employees are one of the most important assets to our company,” shared Geff Heidbrink, president of Harbor Optical. “Time, effort, resources and management are continually invested into all of our employees. Their knowledge and expertise of this new product offering has been vital.”

Shamir Insight, Inc., is a fully owned subsidiary of Shamir Optical Industry, Ltd., an Israel-based, public company (NASDAQ: SHMR), which is engaged in the development, design and manufacture of premium progressive lenses and molds for the ophthalmic industry.  Serving as the Sales & Marketing center for the USA, Canada, Central /South America and Mexico, Shamir Insight specializes in the marketing of premium progressive lenses under product brand names such as Shamir Autograph II®, Shamir Element™, Shamir Creation®, Shamir Piccolo®, Shamir Attitude® and Shamir Office™, the industry’s leading occupational lens.   Exclusively designed with proprietary, patented EyePoint Technology®, a groundbreaking software program that utilizes ray-tracing to compute optical properties and simulate human vision, this extensive product line is distributed through a network of over 300 Shamir ReCreating Perfect Vision® partnering optical laboratories.  Shamir Insight employs a large national sales force of Account Executives, many of whom are ABO-accredited educators who speak on a variety of optical topics to Eye Care Professionals.  Shamir Insight is a member of Vision Council of America (VCA), the Optical Laboratories Association (OLA) and is a participant of the AOA’s Ophthalmic Council.  Thecompany was established in 1997 and is headquartered in San Diego, CA.