Shamir releases Single Vision™ SuperLite™ 1.74 (HC) clear.

San Diego, CA – June, 2012 – Shamir announces the release of the newest material available for their Single Vision™ product line: SuperLite™ 1.74 (HC) clear. Shamir demonstrates their ongoing commitment to offer the most comprehensive  lens material availability selection with the release of this new material.

Shamir’s Single Vision™ SuperLite™ 1.74 lenses are ideal for patients with high minus or plus prescriptions, allowing for a thinner, aesthetically appealing lens. Shamir Single Vision™ blanks are compatible with all Freeform® designs, including Autograph II®.

“It is our goal at Shamir to provide the market with the most superior products and materials. Each material offers the patient a different advantage and we are confident that our SuperLite™ 1.74 offering will be a valued addition to our Single Vision™ product line,” said Matt Lytle, VP Marketing.

For more information regarding products, material availability or approved coatings, contact Shamir’s Customer Service department at 877.514.8330.