At the annual meeting of the American Optometric Association, EnChroma, Inc. announced today the addition of three experienced executives to the company’s leadership team and significant growth in its domestic and international retail channels. Since last year, the number of vision practices offering EnChroma eyewear to their color blind patients by joining the EnChroma Authorized Retailer Network has nearly doubled to over 250 – and growing. EnChroma develops science-based lens technologies and high-performance eyewear for color blindness that enable the red-green color blind to see an expanded range of clear, vibrant color.

One in 12 men, and one in 200 women, are color blind; an estimated 300 million worldwide. Invented in 2010, special optical filters in EnChroma lenses precisely remove wavelengths of light from the visible spectrum where the red and green cone cells in the eye overlap to restore and enhance the separation between color channels. This helps those with color vision deficiency see colors more vibrantly, clearly and distinctly, giving them access to more of life’s colorful experiences.

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