The young brand neubau eyewear has recognized the potential of the upcoming technology and developed a 3D printing process that will set new standards in the field of frame manufacturing. This new method of printing frames was created and first applied at the company’s headquarters in Linz, Austria – which allows for exceptionally precise detail, environmentally sustainable production and the highest standards of quality.

T048 Erwin

ERWIN has it all. Heritage and Zeitgeist combined in a great frame. Erwin expresses a liking for the unusual, his wire finish bringing a completely fresh and new avant garde take to the classic double bridge design.

T051 Sarah

SARAH is fresh, young and urban with a subtle touch of femininity by its soft upswing. Thanks to SARAH’s understated cat’s eye shape, drawing a line from a classic design to the current trend for gold and wire frames.

T052 Felix

FELIX is a unisex style that shows round, is timeless and right on the pulse of time. FELIX round shape mirrors the most up-to-date styles that are filtering through from subcultural movements into the general consciousness.

T054 Manu

MANU is a unisex style that unites two current trends in one style. Round and double bridge. With its round shape and double bridge MANU cleverly plays on current styles while creating a new style at the same time.

This high-tech production process is especially sustainable because it leaves behind almost no wasted material, but because of the long printing process, it is also more time-consuming than the usual die cast method. This is why the 3D printed models Sarah, Manu, Erwin and Felix are still a bit more exclusive than others in the neubau eyewear family.

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