Valerie and Dani

As we enter into Earth Month, we will be featuring various eyewear companies and manufacturers that are going ‘sustainable. One such company is Silhouette with their neubau eyewear collection, who launched in April the SEE&DO GOOD campaign- eyewear. This is what they say:

What do we mean by SEE&DO GOOD? We want to treat our environment with respect, which is why we are constantly on the look-out for new ways to incorporate eco-consciousness in the neubau eyewear universe.

SEE&DO GOOD stands for their efforts to respect the environment and to enjoy aesthetics at the same time. Conscious consumption and forward-looking production are the focus, and it starts with the material of all frames, but also affects the material of their spectacle case, cleaning cloths, their POS material, as well as the support of social projects empowering nature in urban surroundings.

Valerie and Dani
Valerie and Dani

With new models Bob, Valerie and Dani they have premiered the use of a material called naturalPX. Two thirds of the raw materials used in its production are renewable and organically sourced. Apart from utilizing this eco-friendly polymer they take great care in creating as little waste as possible and achieve this by using ultra-modern production methods that help mold all the different parts of a neubau eyewear frame into perfect shape.

Even the accouterments of the products have been manufactured with an eye on utility and ecology. Apart from the case which is manufactured from a cellulose base and without any need for glue, the cleaning cloth made from recycled PET bottles. Moreover, the transport box can be instantly transformed into a handy “eyewear sofa”, providing a perfect place to store the glasses at home. This will prolong their life cycle and give the transport box another chance to prove its usefulness beyond its original purpose.

In addition, Neubau eyewear will support tree planting in Vienna, partner with The Honeybee Conservancy in New York City, and team up with gabarage, an upcycling firm where new and useful products are created from used materials. And this is just to name a few of the projects they are working on!

Visit our website for many more eco-friendly initiatives coming down the line. All the information on our SEE&DO GOOD motto and our collaborations can be found on beginning in April 2017.