Keratoconus is a progressive non inflammatory disorder that causes a thinning and cone- like steepening of the cornea. Left unchecked Keratoconus results in loss of vision. New research is showing that 1 in 500 people will develop keratoconus and it can be treated. For preventive measures wear good sunglasses.



  1. This sounds like an awful disease that can really damage the eyes. It is really helpful to see this inforgraphic to be able to learn more about keratoconus. After reading more about this, I would like to get my eyes checked often to be sure that I don’t have this disease. It worries me that I might have problems with my eyes and that I won’t be able to see. However, it is also really nice that there are options to get transplants to help fix this problem. Thanks for sharing more about this disease!

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