January 3, 2013 – Hauppauge, NY – Santinelli International has recently extended its consumables product line to now include all-new Value-Edge™ Blocking Pads and Grip-Tight ™ Intermediate Film, two budget-friendly solutions designed to improve lens finishing quality.

The Santinelli Value-Edge™ Blocking Pads are made of a specially formulated foam and adhesive combination, designed to improve the edging performance of today’s coated and uncoated lenses. The foam material resists high rotational forces and prevents the pad from “wrinkling”. The adhesive is formulated to bond to all hard coated, standard AR coated and many hydrophobic AR coated lenses, making it an excellent “all-around” pad. These blocking pads are available in several different sizes and shapes.

The Grip-Tight ™ Intermediate Film is a product which was developed as an added security measure against slippage, giving the lens clamp a more secure “grip”. The intermediate film comes in both Standard and High Curve versions. The Grip-Tight ™ High Curve film is thinner and more flexible, and adheres to high curve lenses with better “wet-out” results and without wrinkles. Grip-Tight ™ will work well with any block size and shape.

According to Franco Aluigi, Product Manager, “We are proud to introduce innovative solutions which address the challenges of edging today’s lens coatings. The Value- Edge™ Blocking Pads and The Grip-Tight ™ Intermediate Film will be great cost-efficient additions to any lab, maintaining the quality of lens finishing results.”

About Santinelli International

Celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year, Santinelli International is the leading distributor of lens edging equipment in the United States, representing NIDEK machinery. The family-owned company is the current and four-time recipient of the EyeVote Award “Reader’s Choice” for Best Optical Equipment Company and the VCPN Products of the Decade Award.