Sweating in Fire Fighting Suits- Leads to Fogging on Protective Goggles

The Work Environment: Vision Critical

When clear vision can be the difference between life an death, fogged eyewear isn’t an option. No one knows that better than members of the Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Fire Department. Francis Clark of the department put Clarity Defog It anti-fog towelettes to the test in rescue training sessions.

Results: The Clarity Defog It “Performed Great.”

Clark had his firefighter team test the Defog It under the toughest conditions. “We had tech rescue training today for structural collapse,” he said. “We had it inside a building that had previously had a fire in it. Lots of soot and dust and the safety glasses fogged up easily in the cold weather.” “We were cutting above our heads with the saws, in the dust, so good visibility was a must,” warned Clark. In this potentially hazardous situation, how did Defog

It perform? “The product performed great,” according to Clark. “I had a few of the members apply the Clarity Defog It [which] kept the lenses clear for the remainder of the morning. The guys seem to like the easy approach to it.”

The promise: It works.

The Clarity Defog It anti-fog formula is used by the military around the world to prevent fogged eyewear in vision-critical situations. It’s been rigorously tested for performance. In one test, a lens treated with Defog It was held over constant hot steam for 60 minutes without fog forming. Similar products failed in as little as 5 minutes. In another test, lenses coated with Clarity Defog It were moved between cold and hot environments 100 times without fog forming.

Clarity Defog It anti-fog is safe and effective on safety glasses, safety goggles, faceshields and eyeglasses, even high-tech anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic lenses.

Clarity DeFog is available at www.defogitworks.com.