Pursuit in Camo

The diversity of motorcycle eyewear solutions offered by Liberty Sport continues to expand with the launch of the new Rider Collection featuring Powered by SwitchTM Technology and ANSI Z87.1 certified high mass and high velocity impact protection.

Powered by SwitchTM provides unique road ready magnetic technology combined with skillfully engineered Rx’able designs to convert your sunglasses to high performance eyewear in seconds. These removable magnetic side shields quickly and easily drop into place and hold strong while blocking wind and road debris when extra protection is called for.

Each of the frames features the Ultimate Sunset Driver Lens, a quality, high performance lens with a Sunset Mirror coating. This high intensity mirror coating assists in delivering a contrast enhancing visual experience. With a VLT of 15.6%, blocking 85% of the visual light, 100% UV protection and blocking and managing 88% of HEV (high energy visible light) the Ultimate Sunset Driver delivers stunning performance for speed and motion activities with its amber rose base color. All frames are available with a clear lens option depending on your light condition needs.

For maximum protection on and off the road, the Rider Collection features 4 Rx’able frames: the Piston, Pursuit, Pursuit Xl and the Deflector.

The Piston is a Unisex 6 base frame available in Matte Black and Matte Gunmetal with aggressive edge styling and an adjustable temple tip for comfort.

Piston in Matte Gun

The Pursuit and the Pursuit XL is a Unisex 8 base frame with a modern pierced front design to allow superior air flow to reduce fogging. The Pursuit is available in Shiny Black and Matt Black and the Pursuit XL is available in a unique Green Camo and Matte Black.

Pursuit in Camo
Pursuit in Camo

The Deflector is a Unisex 8 base frame with a full back cushion to protect eyes from wind, dust and flying particles and is available in Shiny Black and Matte Black.

Deflector in Matte Black
Deflector in Matte Black

Designed for medium to large faces, the Rider Collection frames are made with durable state of the art materials that provide strength yet are lightweight for all day comfort. The flexible temple construction offers a head hugging fit and allows each of these frames to be comfortably worn under motorcycle and other cycling helmets.

‘The Rider Collection was developed to address a prominent consumer need – ANSI Z87.1 rated Rx’able Sunwear Protection. With the success seen in our other frames that utilize magnetic technology for motorcycle enthusiasts, we identified the opportunity to expand our collection to offer them ANSI Z-87 rated sunwear merged with a technology solution to protect their eyes from all the elements. This speaks to our core values of offering engineered technology solutions to consumer Rx’able eyewear needs”, says Anthony M. DiChiara, President of Liberty Sport.

Each frame surpasses all global driving standards and includes lenses that are ANSI Z87.1 certified, scratch resistant, anti-stain and anti-smudge with 100% UVA and UVB protection. All frames include a semi-rigid case, adjustable strap, cleaning cloth and eyecup pouch (excluding the Deflector) and come with the Liberty Sport 100% Certification Guarantee.

Motorcycle and Occupational protection:

  • 35 states require the use of eye protection while riding a motorcycle
  • OSHA’s Personal Protective Equipment regulations for the eyes and face state that protective devices must comply with the ANSI Z87.1 standard to protect the eyes and face from flying particles


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