The new eyewear collection from Rye and Lye  gets inspiration from the parks and the theaters  of Manhattan. For both New Yorkers and tourists these are places where you can escape the daily grind; for our designer it is a place of inspiration. Like in a movie where the characters take turns, Rye & Lye, constitutes the storyboard.   Actually this brand knows how to seize the best in people, reserving a leading  role also to those who live the simple daily life with a low profile. In this creative  process photographed are different characters and personalities, involving the biologist, the bookmaker, the free climbers, the financial man, the rescue divers,  the architect, the creative director, model, and the traveler.

This season Rye and Lye  got to know two other outstanding personalities: a rugby player  who lives in the team philosophy, and a research photographer that through lights and shadows conveys her eros in a provocative and poetic way. It was another powerful and intense experience, which makes  Rye & Lye a sort  of trend and sensation seeker. Rye & Lye is becoming a family of characters  and ideas to make their mark in time.

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