With the popularity of thick flannel shirts, fully grown out beards, and even wooden eyewear, you’d think we were taking fashion advice from the lumberjacks.  All jokes aside, I have nothing but appreciation for these gorgeous oak colored eyeglasses by Roots Inc.  The oval frame is a classic shape, and despite the rustic look of the material, the glasses still come off as ultra feminine.

Roots Eyewear 1

A closer look shows the precise floral detailing that surprisingly expands onto the lens.  You would be doing no favor by swapping your prescription lenses for these which have been artistically etch on… Well, aside from that whole sight improvement factor.

Roots Eyewear 2

Carving onto wood may not be the most revolutionary thing that’s ever been done, but it is not too often we see it done in eyewear. There is a charm to the random flower pattern and the uneven tone seen on the arms of the frames. Roots has certainly created an aesthetic that is sans pareil to other wooden glasses on the market.

Roots Eyewear 3

Via Roots on Facebook 


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