Rolf Spectacles a family owned German Wood Eyewear company has won a prestigous Red Dot Design Award for their Eyewear Style Olympia

Olympia Red Dot Award- Wood Eyewear-The joints are made of highly compressed wood or screws, and maintenance. Also developed the resourceful Tyrolean a new glazing technique. ROLF could be protected with goggles model before the jury of experts against incumbent prevailed

A little about Rolf Spectacles from their website and translated using Goggle Translator:

One focus of the company ROLF is to set trends in design and implement new ideas. For the frames, a new type of eyeglass manufacturing was developed, which makes it possible to make out of wood and curved versions. This allows a smooth transition between the middle and ironing can be achieved, which allows the wood to develop its unique structure in different colors (species). It was also developed in the last eighteen months of intensive research and development of an innovative joint for ROLF-timber glasses, which by its functionality and quality ease of use guaranteed and combines all the features of a high-quality spectacle joint in itself: when opening and closing of the handle prevents a mechanism which Collapse independent and holds the bow in the correct position. Optimized for timber glasses glazing system offers several advantages. With the help of a special thread that is passed through drill holes, the glass is secured in the socket. Thus, on a cutting can be avoided, as amended, to avoid unrest in the material and design. Also offers a closed text more stability.


Wood Hinges

The company was founded in 2008 by Rolf Roland Wolf and Marija Iljazovic in the basement of the house of the Wolf family. Both have collected over several years experience in various areas of the optics industry. Christian Wolf and Martin Iljazovic, the siblings of the two founders were short time later, the team brought in to safeguard the high quality performances of the two founders were able to be translated into reality. At the company ROLF not only the glasses are designed – from the sample bag to the stands, the young entrepreneurs put their hand in the design and manufacture. Strong support they receive it by the architect Bernhard Wolf.

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    Our firm wishes to congratulate Rolf Spectacles for continuing to demonstrate their relentless pursuit of sustainable design. We would also like view a catalog for the possibility to have your products in our showrooms.

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    Sig. Ernesto J. Cabrera

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