DALLAS, 2016 ROKA Sports, Inc. a Dallas-based performance multisport brand, has announced the upcoming release of its first collection of premium performance eyewear. Rendered in a range of frame hues and lens color options, the three premiere designs showcase a heritage of classic optical style, while packing under-the-hood technical innovations that deliver the ultimate in performance and comfort.


Rob Canales, Co-Founder and CEO of ROKA said, “We created a bold new category of eyewear that proves performance optics don’t always have to take styling cues from science fiction. This is true performance, concealed by vintage style that takes you anywhere. Athletes can finally get the look they want, and still have all the technology they need to push themselves to the limit with zero compromise.”


Combining unmatched performance with uncompromising style, the three debut designs — the Phantom, Kona, and Vendée — are a showcase of technology. Their patent-pending nose and temple GEKO Pads were inspired by biomimicry of gecko foot geometry. Crafted with a proprietary elastomer, the pads provide a no-bounce, ultra-secure fit that maintains retention even during the sweatiest, most strenuous activity. Lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision deliver razor-sharp optical performance, as well as remarkable shatter resistance. Even with the ultra-light weight of titanium and other leading materials, the frames maintain rock-solid durability. With precisely balanced weight distribution and the luxurious feel of GEKO Pad technology, they offer a “forget you’re wearing them” experience.


ROKA plans to stagger the release dates for the three designs. The Phantom will become available during the week of August 29. The releases of Kona and Vendée are currently slated for mid-September.

ROKA’s first pro athlete, Jesse Thomas, inspired the Phantom. He won his breakthrough triathlon in gas station aviators, and made a name for himself racing in that classic style. However, he had to settle for underperforming sunglasses with poor optics that fell off his face and could not be worn comfortably for extended periods. Inspired by Thomas’s demand for a solution that would provide market-beating performance, ROKA accepted the challenge to build the ultimate performance aviator. After more than a year of intense R&D with some of the world’s most advanced factories and material suppliers, the Phantom was born.

Thomas recalled his victory in the grueling IRONMAN® Lanzarote in Spain, a race in which he ran a blistering 2:46 marathon while wearing the Phantom for the first time: “They were the ultimate upgrade, crazy lightweight and super comfortable. They never bounced or slipped, despite buckets of sweat. I was 100% focused on my race, not my equipment. Plus, I thought they looked badass.”

The second design in ROKA’s debut collection, the Kona was inspired by the ultimate endurance test in triathlon on Hawaii’s big island, an annual proving ground for the latest in performance technology. The performance sunglass has a modern, square lens that echoes iconic American style of the ’50s and ’60s. To combat fogging, the frame is engineered for channeled airflow with architecture that is reinforced with carbon fiber for torsional rigidity and strength.

The Vendée is the third debut design. It is shaped with classic wayfarer styling and named after the launch point for the grueling, round-the-world, single-handed yacht race that attracts the most daring and accomplished yachtsmen. Like the Kona, the Vendée features channeled airflow, hidden spring hinges that contribute shock absorption and optimal fit for any head size or shape, and the comfort of a lightweight yet durable nylon frame.

All designs in the collection feature premium lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision, and they exceed ANSI Z87.1 standards for optical performance and impact resistance. Polarized editions block 99% of reflected glare, and all lenses filter out 100% of all harmful UV.

The lenses are enhanced with a superior hard coating for abrasion resistance, a hydrophobic/oleophobic coating that reduces fog buildup and resists smudging, and an AR coating that mitigates distracting reflections and glare.

Canales added, “ROKA’s mission is to unlock human potential — to equip, empower, inspire, and ignite. When we see an opportunity to innovate, to challenge the status quo, to disrupt a complacent or monopolistic market, we go all in. These debut eyewear designs are a glimpse of what’s to come.”

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About ROKA Sports, Inc.

ROKA is a premium multisport brand dedicated to empowering athletes with the performance technologies they need to realize and redefine their potential. Like the athletes it serves, ROKA believes reaching one’s best is not a destination but the first step on the next journey of greatness, and the company continually strives to achieve the most innovative, premium products available for those who demand the best.

ROKA was founded by two former Stanford All-American swimmers who, after being frustrated by the offerings on the market, set out to make the fastest wetsuits on the planet. After launching in 2013, ROKA has seen tremendous growth, and its products are now relied upon by numerous world-class athletes including ITU World Champions, IRONMAN® Champions and Olympic medalists. Today, ROKA continues to make a difference for athletes who share its passion for excellence, and the company is building on its reputation for quality, performance and unsurpassed customer experience as it expands into new product categories. For more information, visit