Nothing says Portugal more than their tile. In honoring Portugal for the Summer Olympics 2016, we found the most amazing eyewear company that is creating Tile Motif Eyewear based upon Portugal’s history. Founded in 2014, Clush Eyewear crushes it with subtle embellished tiles on the eyewear.

As an example, eyewear style Lisboa. Lisbon is known for Azulejos Tiles, where they are on the streets everyplace since the 15th century. The art is recognized by UNESCO and the material is Mazzuchelli Zyl.

Style Lisboa



clush-lunettes-optique-lisboa-ecaille-blue marble-copie





Each style/tile tells a story and the Sevilla story brought back a few memories:  Figurative azulejos appeared in the XV century in Sevilla. This earthenware tile art quickly expanded throughout cities of Spain. One of the finest manifestation of this sumptuous work can be found on the Royal Alcazar Palace. The most magnificent tiled place in Seville is the Plaza de Espana. The hemicycle impressive square is covered by azulejos. Ground, wall and benches are decorated with marble and hand painted ceramics depicting provinces of Spain, their blazon and their story.

Sevilla eyepiece perfectly illustrates the Andalusian character. Blend of love and ardour, its rectangular shape unravels the great passion of the women wearing them


And a little history: “Macao is a Chinese island exquisitely located in the South China Sea. Portuguese established their Asian trading post in the XVII century which contributed to this region’s prosperity. After its return to Chinese sovereignty in 1999, this island was left imprinted with Portuguese culture. Houses covered by azulejos such as Sao Lourenço or Leal Loyal kept this tile decor over many centuries. Like a pathtrack to the heart of the city, floors, made of mozaic curves, guide us through the historical centre.’


For those armchair travelers and those who want to wear a piece of historical significance, this is wonderful way to show the spirit of Portugal.


By the way Portugal has participated in the Olympics since 1912. In the 2012 Summer Olympics, 36 Portuguese won 23 medals (four golds, eight silvers and eleven bronzes) in nine summer sports.