INAISCE Fall Winter 15/16 marks the first major collection in a year and a half from designer Jona Sees, and RIGARDS is  excited for the opportunity to have a role in this-anticipated return.



Designed to complement a collection that invoked anthropological themes, the INAISCE x RIGARDS special eyewear project evolved from an investigation of the architectural lines and pure forms of Tomba Brion-Vega, the poetic vision of modern master Carlo Scarpa. They were fascinated with how Scarpa tried to bring together hard edges and austere angles with soft arcs. A master of detail and a connoisseur of materials, Scarpa’s passion reminds us that attention to the intricate and minute was something to be explored and honored.


To design the collaborative frame, they drew on diverse aesthetics bridged by a focus on performance. The horn structure is hand-sculpted with a wraparound silhouette imparting a futuristic air. Keeping the lenses round against an angular outline echoes Scarpa’s frequent binary associations of soft versus hard and injects just a hint of steampunk. The slit at the third-eye and temple reference ancient Iggaak snow goggles, the ingenious innovation of traditional Inuit.

In a final step, the frame is hand-polished to a matte finish and endowed with RIGARDS’s signature Sanjuro technique. A surface treatment applied stroke by stroke entirely by hand, the Sanjuro finish produces a texture that is at once rough and elegant, adding a fingerprint-like uniqueness. and

Etnia 619 Mid Page