Out of France, a new wood eyewear company Rezin Wood is making FSC certified wood eyewear and gives back by planting a tree for every frame sold on their website. We are especially impressed with their Graffite collection of mahogany and granite stone eyewear. Many would think that they have rocks in their head for just thinking this might be comfortable.

Rezin Stone Sun

Others have ventured into using rocks a very sustainable product. Fortunately Rezin, lets us know how they are produced: This is what they say:

GRAFFITE are build on a fabrication process called « laminated » that assure the strength and the flexibility of the frames. They are made out of eleven thin Mahogany layers with a slight reddish color, along with a one-millimeter large granite layer on the external surface of the whole glasses.

The granite is extracted from raw rocks before being finely crushed in order to make it easier to handle. Once the granite is crushed, it is thrown and glued to the external surface to form a one-millimeter large layer. Once applied, the stone is reshaped and sanded down to give it a natural ruggedness look. The mahogany in which are build the glasses assure an exceptional comfort and lightness. Even the “balance” of the frame has been carefully thought through to make them as comfortable as possible. The flexible hinges make them perfectly steady on every shape of head.

Rezin Stone


Rezin Stone

Via rezinwood.com