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It has been long suspected that many autoimmune diseases are associated with a bout of viral infections.  New research from

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National Institute of Health indicate the virus Hepatitis delta Virus maybe associated with Primary Sjogren’s Disease.  Of the 2 categories, Primary Sjogren’s have more severe symptoms, and they do not have another rheumatic disease associated with it.

The salivary glands of Sjogren’s patients were examined for viral vectors, changes in salivary flow, development of auto-antibodies compare to normal salivary glands.  This virus also demonstrated its ability to reduce saliva flow, increased lymphocyte infiltrates and development of auto-antibodies in mice.


Identification of HDV in Sjögren’s syndrome patients and induction of a Sjögren’s syndrome-like disease in vivo further support a viral-mediated etiopathology in Sjögren’s syndrome

This study was presented at 2015 ACR/ARHP Annual MeetingSeptember 29, 2015

Reprinted with permission from Theralife