REM Eyewear announces the launch of its freshly redesigned website, a faster, sleeker resource for REM’s prestigious license brands and house brands. Users are now just three clicks away from the newest collections from Converse, Lucky Brand and Jones New York, as well as REM’s bread-and-butter house brands Indie, Lipstick and Pop Corn. also links directly to REM’s luxury division which hosts the John Varvatos Collection. The website is designed with an elegant grey and white color palette, simplified side bar navigation and flash graphics for clear crisp detailed shots.

“As REM Eyewear moves into a new era we are using all the latest technology to make our business run quickly, efficiently, and make it more user friendly and engaging.” says Mike Hundert, CEO.

In addition to a new look, REM is revolutionizing the way it communicates with it’s users, including; consumers, optical buyers, brand partners and buying groups. Interaction with REM is no longer one-way: everyone can follow REM Eyewear on Twitter and become a friend on Facebook, catching all the latest REM developments, press, events and celebrity sightings that are served up daily.

Next month the evolution continues, when REM launches its blog “More than Meets The Eye” by Creative Director Nicolas Roseillier. The blog will be a rare chance to learn the inside scoop on the design inspirations, travels and the behind-the-scenes decisions that go into creating twelve eyewear collections a year.

“There is so much more that goes into designing eyewear than meets the eye,” says Nicolas Roseillier, Creative Director. “I get my inspiration from architecture and art, music and pop culture, from local artisans and things I encounter when I travel. Good design is everywhere; it’s just a matter of recognizing and harnessing it.”


  1. I have check out their new site…I would have to say its very impressive. Ive definitely gotten some ideas.

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