With a mission to make seeing as light and carefree as possible, the new  SUN 2014 Collection from Silhouette is just as impressive with its minimal design, supreme wearing comfort and extreme aesthetics.

The new Allure Sun is a rimless interpretation inspired by the glamorous eyewear of the seventies. The low set temple flows gently around the glasses, while the top bar sets a dynamic accent.  This cosmopolitan design has a shiny metal surface, matte print on the temples, and a range of sophisticated lens colors with different mirror effects.
SUN 2014 - Product - Allure 8140 6221 Earth GradientExplorer: elegance, cool to the max In the Silhouette Explorer, a subtle twist from something familiar is in part to an integration of the top bar in the lens, which creates a dynamic elegance. Extroverted design enthusiasts can choose from three metallic colors, some fully mirrored.

SUN 2014 - Product - Allure 8140 6222 Glossy Teal

SUN 2014 - Product - Allure 8140 6223 Glossy Purple

SUN 2014 - Product - Allure 8140 6225 Gold Mirror
POL –the intelligent sun filter by Silhouette
Silhouette sunglasses’ premium lenses are crafted in Europe according to Silhouette’s demanding specifications and requirements. When specially required, some Silhouette sunglasses can be equipped with state-of-the-art POL technology of the highest quality. With this technology, contrast is enhanced, glare –especially on water and asphalt –is eliminated, and highly effective filters allow the eye to look into the sun relaxed without the need to squint. Almost all Silhouette sunglasses can also be fitted with prescription lenses to suit individual needs.

For more information, see: www.silhouette.com