For America Recycles Day, we thought we would check in with Mosevic, who is upcycling eyewear from old denim. The WORN collection of Solid Denim sunglasses made entirely out of reclaimed denim fabric making every pair unique.


They recycle jeans of all shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Each pair of sunglasses is built from layers of these different denim fabrics using their unique, handcrafted process in their workshop in Cornwall, UK.  They infuse layers of the denim with a carefully selected resin to create Solid Denim. Denim is tough. Solid Denim is even stronger and it has all the properties needed to build high quality, tactile and striking eyewear.


The frames are contoured by adding more layers of denim where the frames rest on your nose and at the hinge. The temples are reinforced with a steel wire so that they do not lose their shape. They use 5 barrel hinges and the lenses are Carl Zeiss.