There is an old Chinese saying that goes “May you live in interesting times”. It is actually part of a curse, but for the moment, we will let that part of the saying go… The world of optical becomes ever more interesting with technology. Some technology has been a disappointing thud, such as the first version of Google Glass. Other optical technologies promise more people better vision and more options than ever. Such is where Touch Focus eyewear appears to be landing.

Progressive lenses are wonderful for most people needing corrective vision. Fit correctly, they offer very targeted fields of vision. We speak often about the hourglass effect most progressive lenses have trying to balance distance, intermediate, and near focal lengths. We kept an eye on PixelOptics that offered electronically controlled liquid crystal arrayed lenses than turned a regular pair of Rx glasses into a reading glass at the touch of a button. PixelOptics is no more, but there is another company who has taken up the electronic focus mantle, Touch Focus, out of Japan.

TouchFocus eyewear features stylish frames with a progressive lens where the distance and intermediate prescription are the key lens fitted offering a wider field of view than the standard three focal area progressive lens. At the touch of a button (the TouchFocus logo) on the temple, the liquid crystal reading zone enables allowing for that close-up view while activated. This will allow those who need the reading zone occasionally throughout the day to enjoy a wider field of view most of the day with the comfort of knowing the eyewear can turn on a reading zone whenever needed.

According to TouchFocus, the rechargeable battery is good for ten hours of continuous use and if used for an hour a day, the battery could last upwards of a week without recharging.

TouchFocus is currently only sold in Japan but plans to open 100 locations by Spring of 2019, selling some 50,000 pairs annually. The cost for this tech-forward eyewear? Just a paltry $2,250 per pair. How many do you want?





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