Randy Jackson x110

The Randy Jackson 1046 is a full rim combination frame with a rectangular shaped milled metal stainless steel front and bold zyl temples. The zyl temples have a t-shaped metal plaque design adding appeal to this striking frame.

RJ 1046_58

Strike the perfect balance between bold and sleek with the Randy Jackson 1047. This classic rectangular shaped frame makes a unique statement on an oval face. The RJ 1047 has a sheet metal top, rim wire bottom and the zyl temples are translucent and striped on the Dark Gunmetal frame.

RJ 1047_058

The Randy Jackson 1049 is a bold frame with a sheet metal front and rim wire bottom. The sleek metal endpiece features a cut-out design and the metal temples lead to comfortable zyl temple tips.

RJ 1049_058

The square shaped Randy Jackson 3016 is a full rim zyl front with a unique striped, cut-down laser pattern on the upper half and smooth zyl on the bottom. Temples repeat the combination of striped and smooth zyl. With the ability to accommodate a wide-fit, these laid-back glasses look sleek and polished on larger faces.

RJ 3016_021

Randy Jackson X110 goes retro round with light blue inlay and a square top.

Randy Jackson x110
Randy Jackson x110

Available from Zyloware 

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