Others have tried to do this before, but with a little technology Switch Art Paris is taking their 20 years of knowledge of the optical industry and created an innovative new smart sunglasses that allow users to power and design their sunglasses.

Switch Art- Super Bowl

Today with a new generation of connected objects, we are now giving users the opportunity to customize your sunglasses,” says founder Guillaume Resmond, “We wanted to create a  connected object that was stylish, seamless and easy to use. So we did it for you, pair of sunglasses with screens on the temples and a friendly application to change the design of sunglasses in 3 clicks.”


Launched on Indiegogo, Switch Art Paris has introduced two classic styles of frames for their Indiegogo campaign, the Falcon and the Classic, each with fully customizable e-ink side displays changeable an app. Switch Art Paris sunglasses use an E-Paper Display on the temples of their frames that mimics the appearance of ink on paper. Unlike conventional displays, the ePaper reflects light, just like ordinary paper, and is able to hold text and images.


Nowadays very few items can be customized endlessly,” adds Britney Partersom, Graphic Designer, “Do you ever dream of changing your designs on your sunglasses to suit your mood or send a message? With Switch-Art Paris, we now give you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest of the world, become unique in the world, show that you belong to a group, a community, or a team!”

Users are free to create a multitude of designs to display on their sunglasses. Through the smartphone app, wearers can upload their own custom designs, photos, text and more. The glasses provide users the ultimate autonomy, no recharging or clunky buttons are necessary to operate the sunglasses. With Switch-Art Paris, wearers can display their sense of fashion, design, or personality right on their sunglasses.

About Switch-Art Paris 

SWITCH-ART PARIS LLC, founded in 2015, is a compagny based in the capital of the fashion: PARIS. With a collective twenty years of experience in sunglasses and innovation, SWITCH-ART PARIS is a globally renowned maker of the world’s most customized connected sunglasses (made with love from PARIS) Our obsession is to make you unique every day with New Connected Object!

For more information on Switch-Art Paris please visit http://switchartparis.com/