The Pure Summer Collection is here to provide clarity for whatever the occasion calls for, both day and night, with five new crystal clear Rx style. With the prescription frames, you’ll find new colorways that conjure visions of lounging on a seaside porch, scaling a tropical mountain or enjoying a day at the park with names like Ice Tea, Dune, Sky Grey, Barolo Red and Magma.

Eric D. by ic!berlin

These sun styles are also part of our Custom Fit Collection, with tailored components designed specifically for faces with shallow bridges and high cheek bones.

Mr. Bice by ic!berlin

Our acetate fronts and parts are each cut from a single sheet of premium cellulose acetate, a hypoallergenic plastic derived from organic cotton fibers. As a bonus, the colors of our acetate parts are UV-stabilized.

Susan W. by ic!berlin

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