Proof Eyewear, the pioneers in sustainable eyewear, stands by the principle of giving back to the earth as well as the people living on it. Each piece of eyewear is hand built in a 15-step process using eco-friendly materials ranging from solid wood, repurposed skateboard decks and plant based acetates. Along with eco-conscious frames, Proof makes it a point to donate a portion of each purchase to environmental and humanitarian initiatives such as reforestation in El Salvador and sight giving eye clinics in India where ¼ of the world’s blind population resides. Proof Eyewear’s mantra has always been: Look good. Do good.

Proof Prescription 8

After being in development for over a year, the Proof Eyewear Rx Collection has officially been released. The prescription ready wood frames have a 6-ply construction, which gives them remarkable strength that is guaranteed to hold up under the toughest situations. The hinges are spring loaded which means no matter what size your head is, they will have a comfortable and custom fit.

Proof Prescription 4

Tanner Dame, one of Proof’s founders, explains how Proof Eyewear is different from all other eyewear brands, “At Proof we’re crafting eyewear for the 99 percenters, individuals that demand quality, style and value.  We offer frames that are affordable, sustainable and handmade from the finest woods available. We are committed to these principals and benefiting the world around us.”

Proof got its start in a garage in Eagle, Idaho in 2010. The founders, 3 brothers, grew Proof to an internationally known brand that is sold globally. The roots of Proof began with the founders’ Grandpa Bud. His small sawmill opened almost 60 years ago and eventually grew into a nationally recognized company. Bud’s work ethic was instilled in Proof’s founders who grew up with “sawdust in their veins” working in the mill. The brothers pride themselves on providing original handcrafted products from sustainable materials. Proof Eyewear continues to innovate by offering a wide variety of products that aren’t just environmentally friendly, but also unique and trendy. Proof – CRAFTED FROM THE GROUND UP.



  1. Wow, very inspiring! I like how this company takes responsibility for their entire manufacturing process. I wonder how comfortable the frames are..? C J Blanx does not have wooden frames, but we do donate a portion of every sale to a charity organization chosen by the purchaser. Check us out and see if you like our styles and philosophy!

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