Chicago-based Prevent Blindness America, the nation’s leading eye health and safety volunteer organization, is pleased to join the Chicago Loop Alliance and Spex in celebration of its new project, EYE by Tony Tasset.  EYE is a three-story tall replica of the human eye based on the work of Tasset, a Chicago resident.  The new sculpture will be located at Pritzker Park on State Street was unveiled July 7

Prevent Blindness America will work with the Chicago Loop Alliance and the premier sponsor of the EYE exhibit, Spex, throughout its run through October 2010 to promote eye and vision health to both local visitors and tourists alike.

“We hope that those who come to visit EYE will enjoy the wonderful work as well remember to take care of their vision,” Hugh R. Parry, president and CEO.  “We also hope everyone realizes that without healthy vision, we will not be able to enjoy wonderful art exhibits like EYE as well as life’s many other pleasures.”

Detail can be found at Chicago Loop Alliance


  1. Eye care is very important for everyone so consult optician who is a professional of eyes treatments. Some people need glasses or contact lenses it can depend on your eyesight. Some people use sunglasses to protect our eye from sun rays. Eye problems can affect anyone, anywhere, and any time. Some of the eyes problems are genetic and some are not. Genetic eyes problems start at an early age. That is why habitual eye exams are advisable.

  2. Having a regular eye test, visiting your local opticians and generally having a healthy life-style is essential to looking after your vision. I do have to say the eye sculpture is brilliant.

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