I personally love wraparound sunglasses. They give better eye protection, help in glare and can hide a myriad of long nights. The biggest problem with Wrap Suns is the space they take to store. Guys just end up wearing backwards on their heads and women…. they just don’t work in some purses.

Popticals are compact, you just fold them up and it looks like they can fit almost any wear. VisOptical, a new eyewear company launched Popticals, a line of sports sunglasses that pop-out from a compact size for the active outdoor market . The sunglasses use an innovative new patented design featuring the FL2 Micro-Rail System™ built into the frames that allows the lenses to “spoon” together for portable, compact storage. Popticals combine the performance of wrap-around sport sunglasses with the portability of folding sunglasses to make a never-before-seen line of products.

Popticals are designed for the active outdoor lifestyle and are built from the highest quality materials available. The frames are made with Grilamid TR90 thermoplastic polyamide, making them lightweight, flexible and incredibly strong. Popticals lenses offer 100% UV protection (UV400 rated), polarized cores for enhanced clarity, impact and scratch resistance.


Popticals will come in a variety of wrap-around styles, with the MSRP starting at $199.00. Retail packaging includes compact hard storage case, retainer strap, lens cleaning cloth, and case carabiner clip. Popticals meet the American National Standard Institute ANSI Z80-3 sunglass standards.

About Popticals

Popticals were created to solve the basic problem with wrap-around sunglasses: they aren’t portable. Other folding sunglasses are not durable for sports, and their square shape doesn’t securely fit on a round head. David Porter, inventor of FURminator deshedding products, found the solution by creating an innovative, patented design with a rail system that allows the lenses to slide parallel to each other or “spoon” for portable storage, and easily pop-out into high-performance sunglasses. Learn more at www.popticals.