OKIA never stops surprising its clients and customers through the continuous development and improvement of its patented HDA® Technology. “Play with Carbon Fiber” is the latest collection launched by the Hong-Kong based eyewear company, and it represents something truly revolutionary: for the first time carbon fiber is mixed with HDA® Technology, with the result of a collection that is a masterpiece of ultimate technology. Play with Carbon Fiber_a1

Invented in Japan in 1961, carbon fiber is a material made of nylon and carbon used in many different fields – aerospace, civil engineering and motor sports – and in products like sports’ gear and aircrafts. Talking about eyewear, it provides the endurance of metal frames but is thin and lightweight like plastic. It also has a vaguely three-dimensional look that make patterns and textures extremely attractive.

Play with Carbon Fiber_b1

“Play with Carbon Fiber” combines the unrivaled physical properties of carbon fiber with the incredible potential of HDA® Technology: geometric patterns and brilliant colours – such as metallic grey and neon yellow – that reflect a funny and trendy sporty style. Moreover, each frame exhibits a different surface finishing to satisfy each customer’s taste.

Intriguing and functional at the same time, “Play with Carbon Fiber” is conceived for both men and women, offering a perfect blend of high technology, design and fashion.