PixelOptics, Inc., the world’s first composite lens company and a leading designer of innovative ophthalmic lenses, announced today the launch of atLast!™ Composite 59 Transitions® lenses, the first Transitions-branded lined multifocal available on the market.

Utilizing PixelOptics’ patented composite technology, atLast! Composite 59 Transitions features a unique combination of Trivex on the front surface of the lens and 1.59 index polycarbonate on the back. Both are widely-used lens materials that provide wearers with a thin, lightweight, impact-resistant photochromic lens. atLast! Composite 59 Transitions will be available in gray and brown.

Composite 59 Transitions are part of PixelOptics’ atLast! Enhanced Multifocals line which, using the company’s patented composite lens design technology, combine a progressive surface with an embedded power segment to provide continuous, clear intermediate vision from close-up to five feet away, with a soft power jump at 70 percent less than that of equivalent bifocal add power. Unique in providing Far-Intermediate vision, atLast! lenses offer a broader range for bifocal wearers who often miss the intermediate range of vision where many daily activities occur.

“atLast! Composite 59 Transitions are a perfect marriage of lens technologies that will greatly benefit wearers’ overall vision experience. Enhanced Multifocals improve optical performance for bifocal and trifocal wearers, while Transitions lenses help wearers easily shift between indoor and outdoor environments. Creating a lens that features both technical innovations is a logical next step in eye care which we believe wearers will truly value,” says Ronald Blum, O.D., Chairman, CEO, and Founder of PixelOptics.

PixelOptics and Transitions Optical, Inc. announced their partnership for atLast! lenses in 2009. Both companies have announced they will continue their partnership to market PixelOptics’ emPower! electronic eyewear, expected to be introduced to consumers in a national rollout in 2011.

About PixelOptics:

Headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, PixelOptics is committed to “transformational innovation” in the spectacle lens industry. The company’s focus on improving the current standard of vision correction will deliver a wide range of innovative new products based on “composite lens” and innovative lens design technologies. For additional information please visit: www.pixeloptics.com.