Company announces full marketing team for electronic focusing eyeglasses is in place

PixelOptics, Inc., the world’s first composite lens company and a leading developer of innovative ophthalmic lenses has hired Boston, Mass.-based LehmanMillet as its advertising agency of record to build the strategic brand behind the world’s first electronic focusing eyewear, emPower!. LehmanMillet is tasked with defining market-specific messaging for emPower! and developing a strong, creative platform to drive ongoing marketing, public relations, and online awareness efforts.

“We’re moving toward the exciting final stages of bringing electronic focusing eyeglasses to market,” says Clay Musslewhite, Marketing Director for PixelOptics. “We’ve spent months building a strong team to support this product, our next crucial step is to develop a strong brand strategy that will effectively communicate the impact that emPower! will have on the ophthalmic world. We’re pleased to bring LehmanMillet on board to help guide us forward in this endeavor.”

“emPower! Eyewear is made possible though both electronic lenses and frames combining to bring benefits to the patient that have not been experienced before. PixelOptics and Aspex Eyewear, our North American frame manufacturer for emPower! Eyewear, have been working closely together to build the launch strategy. LehmanMillet will support that partnership by working with both Aspex and PixelOptics to build the emPower! brand strategy,” says Larry Rodriguez, SVP Global Sales and Marketing for PixelOptics.

“Aspex Eyewear looks forward to working closely with Lehman Millet to promote emPower!. This launch will undoubtedly have a major impact in the optical industry by empowering presbyopic patients with the ability to turn on and off their near optical power as they see fit. Thus, for the very first time, enabling them to be in control of their own vision,“ says Bernard Pedoussaut, Senior Executive, Aspex Eyewear Group.

LehmanMillet is a medical communications firm dedicated to helping innovator companies change the standards of care. With more than 30 years of experience supporting the device, diagnostic, and specialty pharmaceutical sectors, LehmanMillet has developed extensive expertise in promoting brands and products within the optical industry.  In addition to PixelOptics, the firm’s clients have included Essilor, Abbott Medical Optics, STAAR Surgical, Glaukos, Optos North America, and Bausch & Lomb.

“Defining moments in categories are rare:  those moments when, with the introduction of a new product, or a new technology, one realizes that nothing will be the same again.  emPower! represents one such moment,” says Bruce Lehman, President & CEO of LehmanMillet. “To be entrusted with the agency responsibilities to help launch emPower! into this market is both an honor and a thrill.  As the head of a practice dedicated to helping companies change the standard of care, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the firm is well-prepared to help PixelOptics and Aspex transform the industry.”

Along with LehmanMillet, PixelOptics has built a robust team to promote electronic focusing eyeglasses to industry and consumer audiences alike. Roanoke, Va.-based Access Advertising & Public Relations has been named the company’s PR agency of record, Richmond, Va.-based The Feedback Agency is tasked with promoting PixelOptics’ social media presence, and Roanoke-based Rocket Advertising will provide day-to-day tactical support for the company. The team’s combined efforts will work to engage current and future business partners, ECPs, and wearers about new and ongoing milestones and product development phases leading to a national rollout of emPower! in 2011.

PixelOptics’ highly propriety electronic focusing lens technology aims to correct presbyopia while reducing distortion and other negative attributes typically associated with progressive addition lenses. The technology will be the first electronic ophthalmic solution to enter the consumer electronic healthcare sector. emPower! is protected by more than 300 issued patents and patent applications pending around the world.

For more information about PixelOptics, visit http://www.pixeloptics.com.

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About PixelOptics

Headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, PixelOptics is committed to “transformational innovation” in the spectacle lens industry. The company’s focus on improving the current standard of vision correction will deliver a wide range of innovative new products based on “composite lens” and innovative lens design technologies. For additional information please visit: www.pixeloptics.com.