90% of Adults spend more that 2 hours a day in front of a lighted screen, 80% spend more that 5 hours in front of a digital device.TV’s, games, tablets, phones, computers, e-readers take a terrible toll on the eyes. That toll is called Digital Eye Strain or you may have heard it called Computer Vision Syndrome. By staring at a screen, one forgets to blink, when not blinking, that leads to dry and itchy eyes, blurring and even headaches and fatigue.

The good news, there are now lenses for Digital Eye Strain, sense that are designed with blue light reflecting coating to help ease Eye Strain.

Phonetic Eyewear is one of those online companies that specialist in Digital Eye Strain Lenses. Their styling is classic retro for women, mens and uni-sex. You just order these readers online in a very simple process. No ‘yellow toned’ computer glasses and very value priced.




The lenses are made of a high quality 1.56-index optical lens, all of the eyeglasses come standard with the blue light reflecting coating and a hard coat to deter scratching and fingerprint smudges.

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