To meet the eyewear demands of sport drivers and pilots Persol eyewear founder Giuseppe Ratti started his iconic eyewear company in 1917. Today the brand is still revered for its durability, fashionability, and luxury. The trademark “Supreme Arrow” – often imitated but never duplicated – is featured on many of the sunglasses and eyeglasses and has become synonymous to the brand.

In 1917 the first ad for Persol eyewear came out, comparing the durable goggle style to an umbrella to evoke feelings of protection and style in potential customers.


In 1930, Persol patented the “Melfecto” technology used to create flexible eyeglass and sunglass arms to provide the utmost comfort to the wearers. This 1940 advertisement showcases a contemplative monk character grinning from ear to ear as he flexes the Melfecto Persol glasses.


This 1941 Persol advertisement reads “in città… le montagne…. al mare” which translates from Italian to “in the city…. the mountains….. to the sea”.  Case in point, Persol is demonstrating to its customers these are glasses so versatile you can wear them everywhere!


This 1942 advertisement displays a stylish Geisha wearing the signature hooked nose Persol glasses.  The slogan here reads “come la farfalla in fire” which translates to “like a butterfly to a flower”.  Plainly interpreted, when it comes to the laws of attraction, these eyeglasses are a perfect fit!


In 1947, this Persol ad was published depicting a somewhat ambiguous bearded man.  Could he be a Kung Fu master or a philosopher? One thing is of sure, he proclaims he “IS the glasses – widespread and appreciated”.The name “Persol” comes from the Italian phrase “per il sole,” which means “for the sun”.  This particular eyewear advertisement drifts from the exotic and upbeat Asian characters to a happy confident couple smiling from ear to ear while wearing their sporty Persol glasses.  It’s uncanny this intrepid high-quality brand has maintained its spunk and style for nearly a century! Bravo Persol!




Today Persol Eyewear is distributed by Luxottica.


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