Percy Lau’s eyewear endeavors are certainly a spectacle in their own right, though her designs had humble beginnings in the marketplace being sold on and maybe a few specialty shops here and there. That all changed her first collection was featured on MSN News in 2012, and the global fashion community took notice.

Pearcy Lau Red 1

Soon thereafter Percy Lau was featured in a number of big magazines such as Vogue IT and Harper’s Bazaar China.  By her mid-twenties Lau had received awards from Swarovski and Cartier (and a hefty sum of prize money) which opened the door for her creations to thrive sans limits. Case in point, so were born these awe inspiring red tinted glasses.

Pearcy Lau Red

Three round lenses build a stratum that lends to a very forward thinking look.  All the widgets used to construct the frame’s pivoting lenses are ironically subdued by the sprightly red “balls of yarn” which comprise the ear pieces.

Pearcy Lau Eyewear

The sprightly arms of the glasses look like something a cat could play with for hours.  It’s rather intriguing these composites provide the support that securely hold the frames upon the face.

Pearcy Lau Yellow

These shades completely intermingle the mad scientist /steampunk / futurist look of the lenses with toylike and jovial ear hooks that seem to defy gravity.

Pearcy Lau Yellow 2

The choicest materials to generate the folding feature of the frames.  The implementation of the pliable nose bridge allows the glasses to bend in a newfangled way.

Pearcy Lau Eyewear

Self described as “mysterious,” Percy Lau in fact prefers to refer to her body of work as “recreations of nature” rather than the more rudimentary term “designs”.

Pearcy Lau Eyeglasses

How ever you refer to Percy Lau’s products, it is clear this woman has an acute eye for eyewear.  Through these originations, her dedication to her craft is transparent.  We can’t wait what to see what revolutionary glasses she astonishes us with next.