This is impressive, these handmade wood sunglasses are created using good old fashioned pedal power.. no electricity. Based in Yellow Springs, Ohio, the creations are made with a reclaimed bicycle and it takes about 2 miles to make a pair of sunglasses.


Here is what they say on the website:

Minimizing waste and environmental impact is a central driving theme to our craft and lifestyle. Accordingly, preference is given to rebuilding broken and otherwise discarded tools, and using local wood from trees in Yellow Springs instead of buying exotics. Our goal is to continually learn to work closer in cooperation, rather than in competition with earth’s natural cycles. Each pair of eyeglasses is entirely unique. Even if the same wood species is used, we carefully consider those unique qualities to the tree itself, highlighting the subtle characteristics mass market, assembly line eyeglass makers overlook.



Using human energy is one of the most eco-friendly ways to manufacture any products.

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