National Panda Day is March 19 or April 20. but whatever day it is, the good news that the iconic Panda for Conservation and a cultural symbol for China has reported that the panda population is up. (Source) They now say that there are a little over 1800 pandas now living in the wild.

You can celebrate your loved of Pandemonium by some of these Persnickety Panda Sunglasses.

From G-Sevenstars, part of their Animal Fashion Statements, we love these pandas eating bamboo with a blue background.

Panda By Srombli
Panda Sunwear

Via Canvas Eyewear, retro sunglasses sporting red temples with panda faces.
Canvas Eeywear

Wear Panda Eyewear are bamboo sunglasses that every sunglass sold, they provide an eye exam for someone in need.
Wear Panda

HF Eyewear launched a collection Save A Panda. For every sunglass sold they will contribute to Saving Pandas.
HF Eyewear


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